The Intuitive Platform to Streamline Data Management Workflows

Bridgeway offers a flexible system to simplify data collection, management, and reporting meant specifically for public sector security and compliance needs.

Key Capabilities for More Efficient Data Management​

Automated Application Management
Application Lifecycle Tracking
Intuitive User Log-In
Easy Administrative Portal
Easy Reporting Dashbaords
Historical Records
Payment Tracking
Automatic Stakeholder Notifications
Fully Configurable Workflows
Government-Grade Security
User Permissions
Built-in Compliance

Explore the Most Common Use Cases

Grant Lifecycle Management
Grant Lifecycle Management

Administer frictionless grant experiences

Constituent Services Management
Constituent Services Management

Accomplish more with less staff

Economic Development Oversight
Economic Development Oversight

Drive growth and partnerships efficiently

Your Data, Our Priority: Security at Bridgeway

Experience a product with enterprise grade security and compliance with international protocols

HIPAA Compliant

PHI confidentiality maintained

CJIS Compliant

Data security for law enforcement

WCAG Level 2 Compliant

Accessible to everyone including disabilities

2-Factor Authentication

An extra layer of security

Restricted IP Address

Additional measures to protect your data

Single sign-on

Make it easy for your users to comply.

Data encryption

Securing data in transit

End-to-end Provider

By your side for the long-haul

Data Ownership

You always retain full ownership of all data

Fully Customizable and Configurable​

Bridgeway can be customized to support the needs of your agency's specific use cases.

Getting started is easy. Our teams will work with you to understand the nuances of your agency and team and put together a custom solution. 

Proven, Battle-Tested Tech

Bridgeway's platform is custom-built in-house, enabling unique flexibility, unlike other solutions that force you into a “black-box” template.

Blending Modern Innovation Into Your Ecosystem

  • Flexible Hosting Options: Hosted in the cloud, in a co-located data center, or on-site with the client
  • Data Compliance: Configurable to meet your organization’s data compliance needs
  • User-Friendly UI: Accessible and user-friendly for both staff administrators and stakeholders
  • Cutting Edge Innovation: Our custom-built solution means you always get access to the latest advances in tech
  • Optimized for Your Systems and Data: Bridgeway enables custom integrations, allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure and information.

Get started with Bridgeway Today!

Speak with our experts about your challenges and how Bridgeway may be able to help.

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